Thanks Pete

I haven’t even seen whatever that’s from but it’s everywhere why

I hope this isn't a weird question: Are Miss Missing You and Save Rock and Roll for the YBC drawn? I was just wondering if I'd missed them, there's absolutely no rush!! You can take as much time as you possibly need!

no no you’re not missing anything I haven’t drawn them yet!! my last day of college is tomorrow though so I’ll try and do them asap after

my friends still do not have faith in the supreme being that is ezra koenig send help

I advise you take your struggles directly to the man himself and pray he isn’t taking more photobooth selfies against an anime background

Does Josh dun just keep changing his hair color or am I imagining something

he keeps changing it and I’m trying to keep up with him damn Dun

What bands do you take requests for? Because I want to send in a request but I'm not sure if you'll draw it since idk what bands you like

it kind of varies with the request like i’m definitely biased towards fall out boy, paramore, fun., and twenty one pilots but if you send me a super cool/hilarious request i’ll be like hell ya!!! and draw it

however if i’ve never heard of the band i’ll probably not draw it because the last time i tried that i got an influx of angry messages telling me i suck

alright i love you all very very much but this trend of reblogging stuff and adding “but where is [band member]?” has got to stop like

the height chart request asked for hayley and pete, and i added in josh, tyler, gabe, and travie of my own accord. putting something in the tags like “but where’s dallon?” or “where’s patrick?” is a) completely irrelevant to the post b) adding to the risk of me bursting a blood vessel from stress related reasons

this especially applies to that post about the hot dads club like seriously in my opinion the only ppl in the hot dads club are bill beckett and andrew mcmahon (and also ezra koenig because vampire weekend is ur parents now) so reblogging any hot dadsdsszes posts and adding stuff like “where’s frank??” “where’s gerard??” or whatever is just damn annoying like the hot dad’s’s’s’s’s club changes from person to person and your view isn’t the view of everyone else

i solemnly swear i’ll stop making long text posts and start drawing again soon but seriously please think before you tag

How tall is josh dun? I always thought he was just under six foot?

i have absolutely no idea sorry amigo!! it should be added that this blog really is not accurate and shouldn’t be used as a basis for facts unless at least 2 other sources can back up whatever i’ve said

Will you b at the tøp London show??

sadly no that’s on the other side of the country and i don’t have the money for 6 hours of travel <//3

hi well ive recently fractured my humerous bone and im sad and in pain but your blog makes me a little happier thank you ily lots

holy heck i hope you get better soon!! i’m glad this makes you a little happier i hope you feel 100x better soon bone fractures suck <33

I’m trying my hardest to keep this post neutral by not naming names and making a balanced argument but

there is a difference between disliking someone and trashing them. I’ve seen some people calling a certain person “trash”, “slut”, “skank”, “bitch” et cetera purely because the person is married to a certain musician, and then the people attempt to defend their arguably horrific actions by saying “I just dislike her! I’m allowed to have opinions!”

you are allowed to dislike people. however disliking them PURELY because of their RELATIONSHIP STATUS is an awful thing to do. even if the musician did break off the relationship with her, it would bring you no steps closer to dating him. all you are doing is spreading vile and lecherous slander about a woman who you have (probably) never met, and forming negative opinions of her based solely on the fact that she is involved with a man you happen to have a crush on.

to make things worse, some people have been spreading rumours about this person in order to make her seem like a vile woman. I’ve seen things such as “she didn’t like him until he got thin” (by now you may have guessed who I’m referring to) which is a straight up lie seeing as the two were involved before the musician’s weight loss. I’ve also seen “she’s only with him for his money” which, of course, is also a lie seeing as they were involved before the musician’s band really kicked off. I have no idea what would possess you to spread malicious and false information such as that but I know that if the musician himself knew what you were saying, he would probably block you and possibly file for a restraining order.

in short: it is okay to dislike people! however, it is not acceptable to spread lies and hatred about a person you have never ever met, especially if your entire basis for hating them is that they are involved with a musician, and then try to pass it off as simply “disliking” them.

lastly, balanced argument aside and in my own opinion, you disgust me. I dearly hope that the musician himself never finds out about your behaviour for his own sake.