yes, this isn't a request or anything but apparently Cobra is back in the studio, did anyone else know about this?

I don’t mean to sound condescending (I just woke up and this answer came out way meaner than intended) but we’ve been getting hints for months!! then Vicky finally posted a picture of them in the studio so it’s confirmed aw

[whispers] hi hello yes this isnt a ask for a drawing thing but i just saw the gabe as wine god thing, and someone saying there should be a bandom Olympus gods au, and basically i live to please and also the gay has taken over my life. so i was wondering if you could give me a list of gods, and who you think they should be in bandom, okay please and thank you have a wonderful day. also u draw nice it makes smiles happen okay bye

okay so this could take me 3 hours because I have carefully organised the titans/Olympians/original deities/supporting cast/mythological beasts into categories and it’d probably take me a good nine days to sort it out oops

my soulpunk saves your rocknroll replied to your post:

this makes me want a bandom!olympus au, tbh.

my soul burns for one of those every single day

Peterick vs. Gabilliam tennis match. With each ship wearing matching outfits. Please and thank you :)

i would do this but the height difference just makes the game automatically unfair

Do you do We The Kings? Because I def have some We The Kings for you.

to be honest i mostly just sit here and roll my eyes but i do like we the kings (especially in that one episode of tai… tv with the ‘weLL CHECK THIS JULIET’) so feel free to ask me about them!!

Any predictions for the next Youngblood Chronicle?

i don’t even know what’s going on in the current youngblood chronicles

Hi, Im in a little hotel somewhere in the middle of the mountains and the wifi doesnt work on my phone. But I found a computer and one of the first thing I did was get in your blog. It makes me happy.

oh my bless your lil soul!! this is so cute bless aw ily

I was just wondering how you make your drawings? do you use an app or ms paint?

for my old ones, i used!! for the new kind i use FireAlpaca and it’s so cute and simple and alpaca-esque